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ICUE v3.5.1.1 Corsair Strafe (non-RGB) lighting bug


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So today I updated my ICUE software to the new v3.5.1.1 and after restarting my computer with the update finished I realised there was a lighting bug with my keyboard, on the Corsair Strafe (non-RGB) as the title says.

The bug consists in:

When using the wave effect on your keyboard the keys "F1", "TAB" and the one above "TAB" (don't know how to name that) are completely blank, the lights dont light up ever on the keys, they do with everything else but now with the wave effect. Also they key "1" doesn't light up too except when the wave is starting, where is does a quick flash instead of going along with the wave.


I should note that my Corsair Strafe has a Portuguese layout just in case it is an exception on it.


Please get this fixed asap

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This probably is a bug as you noted.


I just tried wave, both color waves and I could not reproduce it on my k95 us layout, but it sounds like it might be a layout issue with the newer software as you noted above. I know they take into account the physical layout of the keyboard with the effects so i guess that could be what went wrong if tab was in a different spot and not enumerated before the software tells the keyboard to light that LED.


The lighting in general works on those keys from what you said, so i imagine it has to be a bug.

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