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Hello everyone,


I will be soon building my first tacticool gamer PC. To keep things simple I'll buy most of the parts from Corsair.

Here's the list.


Case: Corsair 570X

CPU: Intel 8700K i7

GPU: 1180/1180+ when they come out

RAM: 4x Corsair Vengeance Pro 3200Mhz cl14

SSD: Samsung EVO 960 1To

HDD: Seagate Barracuda 8To

Power Supply: Corsair 850 Platinium

Fans: 6x Corsair ML120 rgb or 4x Corsair ML120 rgb and 2x ML140 rgb with Corsair Node and Corsair Commander


Here are my questions:


- for ventirad I want to put in an AiO, either H115i or H100i on the top of the case. I've seen many threads with people complaining that the case is actually quite little for this setup and would obstruate RAM/motherboard ports. For info I'll go for a normal airflow(Front x3/Bottom->Top x2/Rear x1).

Is the H115i compatible for top mount?

The H100i?

What kind of motherboard should I go for to avoid problems?


- given the AiO is compatible for top mount, should I go for a pull or a push fanning?


- can I plug 4x ML120 and 2x ML140 in case on the same LED controler?



On a side note what do you think of this build on paper? First time so kinda anxious due to the price.


Thank you for reading.

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A lot people run into collision issues trying to mount a 280mm radiator in the top of the 570. Often the RAM modules are too tall and/or the VRM heat sink and ATX power plug on the top get in the way. Much of this is motherboard specific, so I can't give you a definite yes or no without having both pieces. You should be cautious.


Regardless of which cooler you put up top, putting the fans above or below the radiator should not have any significant performance effect. Usually below has a more diffuse sound and in this case would let you see the fan lighting. Reason enough.


Yes, you can mix different size fans (ML120-RGB and ML140-RGB) on the same RGB Lighting hub, just not different fan models (ML & HD/LL/SP).

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