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H115i Pro - opinion on temps?


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Just swapped out into a Spec-Omega case today along with an H115i Pro. Rad is mounted up front, fans setup in a pull config with a 120mm intake on the top of the case with a 120mm in the rear for exhaust. CPU is a Ryzen 7 2700x.


Just want a second opinion on my temps. Coolant idle per iCue is approx 30c with a couple apps open. CPU temp according to Asus DIP 5 is about 35c. Run a stress through CPU-Z (it's what I had handy), temps go right up to 68/70c then even out around 71/72 (I've seen it hit 77), coolant temp hangs around 36ish after 5 minutes. Both rad fans spin up to full bore as soon as I start the run, CPU comes down to 3.95Ghz from 4.2.


Not overclocked, the whole works is stock other than the cooler, I wasn't a fan of the Wraith. Too loud.


Total sidenote - my 3 year old was an instant fan of RGB when I turned it on the first time.

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No, a +6C coolant delta is about spot on for the wattage on 2700. Obviously the larger part of the total CPU temp number is the coolant to core temp delta - about 35-40C. This is all about the voltage, CPU material and construction, and cold plate conductivity. Nothing you can do about the latter two, so that leaves voltage and BIOS tweaks. I can't say much about the AMD models and I don't follow the details for them, but certainly most of the Intel processors require some BIOS fine tuning before you start running stress tests. Simple things like clamping down on power draw, Vcore limitations, etc. Asus in particular likes to set up the boards for benchmark scores in reviews, rather than typical user friendly. Keep an eye on the peak registered Vcore during the 100% load. Most boards are designed to stay stable by piling it on, rather than trying to keep your temps down. There are additional parameters that need to be set for Kaby/Coffee Lake boards. There may be similar settings for X470.


In Summer, that 30C is going to be the normal baseline. Most people have a minimum coolant temperature of +4-7C above their room temperature. Once the weather cools, a lot of the concern does as well since that affects all temperatures.


*Be careful running AI Suite (DIP) with iCUE. Previously, I would have chalked it up to being a nuisance, but recently we have seen users experience actual control issues and affect components like the cooler, something I did not think it could do. It isn't a very good monitoring tool with really sparse polling (5-10 seconds for some things). You should not be using it to make BIOS changes from the desktop OS level, so that really limits it's benefits to fan control. You may have other options and identical controls in the BIOS.

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