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Void Pro Wireless w/ iCue 3.5.111 Where is % of charge


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Just for clarification here are the two screens to which referred:







No percentages anywhere in site. Just a green graph on the Dashboard screen, not exactly sure what that's indicating. Mousing over it, right clicking or left-clicking on it does absolutely nothing.


And the battery icon thing with the word "Charging" on both the Dashboard and Settings screens.


Again, no actual percentage number anywhere obvious on either screen.


Trying to figure out if my unit is defective before putting in a ticket, since the thing looks like it's charging, acts like it's charging, but will not power when unplugged. Already did the firmware thing, in case it was the bootloader thing, but that hasn't changed anything. So it would be helpful to know if the unit actually has a charge or not.

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You won't see the percentage while it's charging. Just unplug the charging cable and after a second, it should show the percentage for you in the settings.


It won't power on when unplugged.


So while all of the indications are that it's charging - lights changing, yellow light at connector when plugged in, charging indicator in both places.. it acts like it's dead when unplugged.

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