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iCUE usage is rather high?


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I guess that is a little high... Oh, maybe the patch notes for iCUE 3.6.109 will tell us more about the new built in stress test application. More seriously, it appears something went pretty wrong. Presumably you killed the process and all was well. It is not uncommon for iCUE and/or any other RGB control or system monitoring to trip over each other and get hung up. However, that is probably the most extreme example I have seen. Most other people top out in the 10-25% bracket when things glitch. I am not sure why your's is so much more. Anything you would have been doing should have been challenging to launch, sluggish everywhere, so probably not running that way a long time. I don't see any frequent culprits on your task manager list, so I guess for now keep an eye on things. Perhaps save a copy of your logs in case Corsair would like it. That is a rather extreme case.
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