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not working after iCue update...


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Sorry for my English.

Latest iCue update basically killed my keyboard. Firstly, iCue couldn't recognize it, and after reboot it's totally dead (although windows makes a sound when i plug it in/out)


It's unresponsive and soft reset doesn't work either.


Waiting for ticket support answer 04 aug/2018


keyboard CH-9101020-RU


I hope that you will help me and give me the firmware file .bin


Again sorry for the bad English

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  • Corsair Employees

It sounds like CUE may have installed incorrectly, or the driver was misapplied.


- Please make sure to install all updates for Windows.

- Uninstall the CUE software.

Please locate your Appdata folder, and delete the 2 Corsair folders in the Local and Roaming folder.

- Run CCleaner: https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/download

- Run CCleaner's Registry Cleaner

- Restart your computer

- Reinstall CUE.

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A valid proof of purchase is required for a warranty claim. Please attach a proof of purchase document (e.g. receipt or invoice) as a photo, screenshot, or PDF. This will enable us to approve your RMA as quickly as possible. Feel free to add any other documents that may help in the troubleshooting process.


this is a gift, what to do in this situation? I have no warranty checks, only box, keyboard and instructions on 2 brochures


working with the keyboard only in the BIOS mod, you can forget about it and save up for a new keyboard (

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