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Icue Spec omega rgb and third party integration


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Good afternoon to everyone,


I am considering building a new gaming/productivity mid tower for myself and I am interested in the Spec Omega RGB case since I really like its design and led integrations.


For this reason I have researched and watched many reviews and I have understood that its RGB strip and Fans are controlled by a Lightning node connected to the MotherBoard and to a 6-way RGB hub that only controls the RGBS for the HD fans.


My question, finally, is the following: I am considering the possibility to use third party RGB items (such as the Coolermaster MasterLiquid ML240L RGB fans) and I am not so sure how I could connect them to the Icue configuration of my system to obtain a fluid visual effect.


If, for example, my motherboard had a dedicated set of available rgb pins (as most of them does), will I be able to control an rgb strip/fan connected to it using the Icue software to obtain an uniform effect?


Thank you all a lot for you precious assistance

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iCue was official released at the start of June of 2018, so it is pretty new. It bridges the feature set between Corsair's CUE and Link. As of right now they haven't added any compatibility to allow the control of other 3rd party devices via iCUE.


I have a lot of Analog RGB devices that Corsair doesn't sell anything similar to. I also have a RGB laden Gigabyte Motherboard (Z370 Gaming 7). As I wanted these effects to match, I have the RGB change based off the game or process currently running. I created a tool for some SDK supported Gigabyte Motherboards to do this. So while it doesn't directly sync with iCUE, both my tool and iCUE sync based off the same triggers, a process running. Both have default profiles and both switch to the Overwatch themed profiles when I play that game.


You can potentially hack up Digital 5v ws2812 devices to work with iCUE. Analog 12v/5v RGB devices aren't officially supported, though I have a prototype RGB DAC to allow me to do this.


Check out the links in my signature, for more information. I have the prototype RGB DAC in my youtube channel as well.

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If you want all of the RGB to be synchronized (e.g. case lighting with fan lighting), you are better off sticking with a single vendor. While it's possible that sometime in the future we may see control of motherboard lighting, it's highly unlikely that Corsair will include support in iCue for products that compete directly with their products (like the coolers and fans).
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