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Scimitar driver issue. MS driver taking over


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So I’m running a new computer and hooked up my old Scimitar RGB mouse (black non-pro model).


Latest CUE Software installed with Win10 1830. Hooked it up in a standard USB 2.0 port.


The mouse is detected and installed but I can’t get the keypad to function even after mapping buttons to it. I can easily adjust DPI and Lighting effects.


I have repaired the CUE software and uninstalled and reinstalled.


I did notice that in Device Manager under Human Interface Devices (HID), and Mouse categories in the listing - I’m getting generic listings. Nothing saying Corsair. Checked Hardware IDs and confirmed that these devices are indeed my Corsair mouse (VID checks out). And these devices are using generic Microsoft drivers.


At one point I noticed on reboots the mouse gets detected (usb notification tone) and during that process I’ll see the Corsair hardware listing in Device Managed before it gets reverted back to generic MS based hardware.


So anyone have any ideas? I’ve uninstalled all the devices and rebooted. Etc. No idea.


Have latest intel chipset drivers, bios update, windows fully updated

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