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K70 RGB Wrong color on indicator light after running iCUE


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My K70 RGB indicator light display wrong color after running iCUE


My current system did not have any CUE or iCUE install and the kb runs on on-board profile.

After install iCUE, it cause the Brightness indicator and Win lock indicator to display wrong color.

- Brightness led can not emit green (turns white to magenta)

- Win lock can not emit red (turns white to cyan)


The cause from wear or damage is unlikely since they are both malfunction at the same time.

When clear all lighting (but on full brighness), some key on bottom-most row emit faint green and media key have faint red.


Tried the following


- Unplug / Restart

- Downgrade to CUE

- Downgrade CUE even more

- Downgrade firmware to 1.3

- Reset by ESC and plug


Trying next


- Run on different OS

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I seem to suspect my brightness and lock also changed within icue as i think they didnt used to support certain colors? I cannot recall, but have you tried re setting the color inside the latest icue on the two buttons under performance?
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That's the first thing I did since iCUE replace the whole profile on start.

While I have suspect a little bit of how I might broke it with CEE+iCUE (which shouldn't be either) I currently have zero patient and effort to reinstall iCUE and try replacing profile right after system recovery. Might do it if I can't really stand my ortho-split-keyboard.


Thank you for advice anyway :)

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