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Basic Diagnostics, Fault Finding & Testing iCUE v3.5.111


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Update: Just a quick update to say that all my previous reported issues are not fixed with the latest release v3.6.109. Been testing for a couple of days.


First off,


I'm not going to pretend I understand the entirety of windows workings or the ins and outs of the iCUE software in depth at a coding /programming level so some or none of this will make any sense.


So, I've been doing some testing of my own to diagnose the erratic yet regular freezing in both games and videos while using iCUE v3.5.111

At the very least I want to be able to use my keyboard and mouse pad with lighting effects.


I use three pieces of Corsair hardware.


  • Corsair K95 CH9000220UK
  • MM800 RGB Mousepad
  • RGB Lighting Node Pro


In my testing I have found by setting the Corsair service to disabled and then stopping it, thus preventing it from restarting automatically, yes I loose the Lighting Node Pro but at the same time it stops the constant, and highly irritating, freezing.


So following that logic, the corsair service appears to be the culprit here with the polling of Lighting Node Pro and thus affecting the entire system.


I have tried this both on a fully established and fresh Windows 7 & 10 install.

Results are the same.


I will submit my logs to corsair but I will not do it publicly via attachment for all to read.



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