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Feature request - virtual temp. sensors


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It would be cool if iCue allowed to create virtual temperature sensors that fan profiles could use.


Use cases:


* Ryzen 1950x has two separate temperature readings for the two packages under the lid, but there is no "CPU overall" temperature. I want my fan speeds adjusted to the higher of the two. The idea would be to be able to create a virtual temperature sensor that would always return the higher of the two temperatures. It could also be average or any other function that makes sense


* I have 4 sticks of ram divided into two banks. One of the banks is very close to VRM so gets hotter than the other bank. But under certain circumstances the other one gets hotter when high GPU usage is in place. Again virtual temperature sensor would help combining the four RAM temperature values to only return the highest. This is of course given that iCue will ever display my RAM temperatures at all as it does not currently, whereas Link does :laughing:


Think this would be a great differentiating feature for the software. I was trying to google around if there is any software that would allow me to create such sensor at system level but to no avail.



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