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Question about H150i Pro pump behavior


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Yes, this is normal. The way the graphs are get up with display range over-accentuates the peaks and makes it look like a rocky ride. In reality pump speeds are always estimates and it is turning fast enough the margin of error in the calculation tends to produce very slightly different results, which when multiplied, create the appearance of speed change. It's really not changing. Perhaps a better way to think of it is a thermostat that shows temperature in 1 degree increments. As the actual temperature changes from 23.4 to 23.5, the display will alternately come back with 23-24-23-24.. etc. Your room temps is not swinging back and forth, it is just the appearance from the rounding. Same thing on the PRO coolers. You are seeing the tiniest of readings multiplied out to produce a rather remarkable perfectly even fluctuation. Not coincidentally, my H115i Pro does the exact same thing. Just a math thing. Regardless, small changes in pump speed (even when actual) have no bearing whatsoever on cooling performance. The way it is displayed does irk me a little as well and it gets my attention, only to then recognize it is the same old thing.
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