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Support Issues Ticket #761985


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I have been having terrible support with my ticket (761985). I have had to reach out multiple times via phone support because my ticket has been stalled for no reason for a week. I set up the express RMA (Since my computer is broke, I need this part ASAP) on 8/3 and approved a replacement part for my PSU since the original was out of stock. After not hearing anything for many days I called and was told it had shipped on Monday 8/6. After not receiving a tracking number I called back on Tuesday and was told it would ship of 8/8. I called back again today and was told it needed to be escalated to a tier 2 and it might ship Friday, if not then probably Monday. I requested to talk to a supervisor to ensure that it was actually going to ship and was told initially that no one was available, after some prompting they told me that one would call me back within an hour. Needless to say that did not happen.


In summary, Corsair support has been stalling my ticket for no logical reason for a week and that has left me without a computer.


Thanks you for the assistance!!!

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