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Corsair Crystal 570x RGB 3 connectors and CPU Power cable


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Hi All,

I am building a PC using the 570x RGB and I have a question in regard to three connectors that I am not sure where to connect. These 3 connectors have each 3 wires. I think they come from the front fans, but not sure.:idea:?


Also, next question would be in regard the CPU power cable. I am using Corsair Power Supply and I wonder how you would run the cable from power supply to CPU power connector at the top of the board, as it is very very tight and I can hardly connect it.:confused:





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Those three connectors are standard fan speed/power connectors (see the RGB FAQ linked in my signature).



How are you trying to run the cable? Which PSU are you using?


Thanks, right now I am looking to start the system soon and install Win10, so I think I would just use the SP lightning Controller which came with the 570X RGB case.

That would mean I just need to plug these connectors into the mainborad? I just wonder if I have enough connections on the board, I use a msi z370.

I have three wires on each of the three connectors.


I am using the RM 650X, it is located at the bottom of the 570x case, so the distance is quite long. Right now I am running the cable along the back of the case, the place where the SSD would be mounted and I go to the mainboard at the very top, but itis very very tigt and I need the bend the cable quite heavy.


I am gonna study the RGB FAQ, thanks for those.

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