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Possibly lost PSU and no one will talk to me

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My support ticket is #760517.


My PSU started presenting a loud grinding sound and after creating a ticket I got approved for an RMA. I wrapped the PSU in bubble wrap and got a plastic envelope from the post office. I strapped the shipping label from Corsair to the envelope with tape and sent it, Friday the 3rd, tracked and insured by Hermes. Monday the 6th at 10:43 AM I got confirmation it was delivered to Corsair Returns in Bolton.


By the end of the day my ticket hadn't been labelled as 'Arrived'. I was worried the label had fallen off during shipping and now Corsair didn't know who the PSU belonged to. I contacted customer services several times by phoning and chat but they have been unable to help me because they don't have access to SCAN tickets but was told they sent my ticket to them and I should get confirmation within 2 working days. I have yet to receive any further communication.


I am fully aware that the process of verifying my product and shipping back a replacement will take some time and that's not my issue at all. Rather, I am sure that it does not take a week to simply label a package as 'Arrived' and that makes me certain there is a problem but I have no way of getting into contact with the UK service provider nor are customer services able to help me. Can anyone tell me what is happening?


Here is the confirmation of delivery: https://new.myhermes.co.uk/track.html#/parcel/3205294250466486/details

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