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Bad CMX512-3200XL


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I built a new computer with a new motherboard , cpu, video card and memory . After about a week Windows xp Pro started crashing with BSOD and I also had problems installing programs , they would stall or I would get error messages. The programs I was able to install would crash and files would be damaged. After reading a number of help forums I tried testing both sticks , one at a time, with Memtest 86. One of the sticks passed , but the other one failed . Once I removed the bad stick from the system Windows has become stable and I have no more problems installing or running programs. I have been error and crash free for two whole days now. :D:


I would like to return the bad stick for a replacement . Do I need to send both back because they were sold in a set or just the bad one?


I hope this can be taken care of quickly. I chose Corsair Memory because it I had heard that it was one of the best around, but my faith has been badly shakened and I am questioning my choice in using Corsair. :(:

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