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Corsair Untility Engine - Lightings Library works, Lighting Effects do not


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Ever since I tried to update to the latest utility engine (which screwed something up in my PC and required a reset to a previous date), my keyboard's lights won't turn on while in use. I put it to sleep and they all pop on. (Has been happening for 3-4 days before posting this.)


I went into the utility engine thought that perhaps the Lighting Effect I made was somehow broken. I went to the Lightings Library to make a new on and all the keyboards lights work. I make them into a Lighting Effect and they stop working.


Edit - I'm an idiot. Because of the update issue, none of the keys were selected for the Lighting Effect. I just remembered that they have to be selected to work. Once I remembered, and did that, it works again.


If there's a way to delete this, please do.

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No, don't worry about it. You are most definitely not the first person to do this nor will you be the last. The Lighting Library will automatically apply whatever effect is currently highlighted to the device you are currently working on. This is meant to be a preview of what it would look like, if you were to apply it. In order to permanently alter the profile, you do have to drag into the effect bar above and then apply it to your selected keys.


I suppose there are different ways to use the Lighting Library, but I tend to think of it more like a clipboard for cutting and pasting previously created effects from other profiles into new profiles. Especially useful when you get into things like 12 color gradients, etc. You can also do the same thing by duplicating an existing profile with the Copy feature, then change blue -> yellow or whatever tweak you wanted to make. Often this ends up being faster than creating a new profile from scratch, then needing to set fan, pump, power, setting for each device - although in iCUE that is much faster.


Anyway, by posting you will probably help someone else out. It is very easy to get turned around when adjusting to the new software.

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