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Combining multiple Commander Pros


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Are you using Corsair RGB Fans? For each Commander Pro, you can control 12 fans (6/channel). Though some RGB Fans come with a Lighting Node Pro, which does only lighting, though it can do 12 fans with 6/channel as well.


You can also use splitters on the Commander pro if you want to go that route. The limitation for current is 1A/header and 4.5Amps total/Commander Pro for each voltage rail/sata power cable. So there are a few ways to do this:


Option 1)

2xCommander Pros w/ the following:

-12x 2way splitters

-6x 3way splitters (Use 3 splitters on each CoPro.)



Option 2)

4xCommander Pros

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Do not use 3-way splitters on the Commander Pro. We've seen folks with a LOT of issues on those, including killing off the fan headers. :(


I would recommend no more than 2-way splitters on the CoPro.


And you can daisy-chain CoPros.


Didn't think that any of the Corsair fans amperage requirements were rated that high. Though two way splitters will give you the safest margins.

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