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Corsair Support is ignoring everything I'm saying!


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Hello Guys,


My support ticket number is #761728.


I bought a AX1200i PSU about 5 years back, however it is confirmed faulty.


So I asked the authorised distributor in my country for a replacement 6 months ago in February.

However, they claim that due to the "cryptocurrency boom", Corsair has not sent them any stocks for any models similar to mine.

The ironic part is that I see AX1200i models being sold everyday on the shelves of the retail shops, online ecommerce platforms etc.


They also highlighted that the HX1200 is now the "direct approved replacement" for the AX1200i

How is a PSU worth approximately 60% of the original PSU's value acceptable by Corsair's standards as a replacement?


Naturally I had to go out an buy a AX860i as a temporary stopgap measure (now I have two PSUs) if not I would have no PC for 6 months or more!


Fast forward to today, they claim that the HX1200 is finally in stock now and are willing to do an exchange.

How is this sort of thing acceptable?

A downgrade and a 6 month wait???



On a sidenote, my RGB Strafe which is only out of warranty by half a year is also denied a replacement, I thought these things had longer warranties than 2 years!

I can't even pay the RMA centre to fix it!


A very disappointed corsair fan.

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  • Corsair Employee



I'm reading through your ticket and I'm just going to try to respond as best I can to this.


I have no comment about your complaint regarding the retailer you're speaking to. Corsair does not have this policy as far as I am aware. It's likely a policy they've implemented. We don't control what units the retailer's are purchasing or what they're replacing with what. We do not have the ability to force a retailer to do things in the manner you are describing.


Reading through your ticket, the agent's are saying to you that we can send an AX1200i if you want through our RMA service, rather than the distributors. If you are seeking a replacement AX1200i, then please simply continue through the RMA that was approved over our support portal.


As far as your keyboard is concerned, I apologize but our warranty is 2 years, which is standard for most HID products. Regardless, I spoke to our service department and they are willing to make a one time exception on the keyboard RMA. This has been approved on ticket 764157.

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