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Is Corsair sabre good for plam grip?


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- I have 19x10cm hands and sometimes I use palm sometimes calm grip. Will Corsair Sabre be good for me? Latest version of Sabre is 10 000dpi optical?


- I also like Corsair M65 but I can`t try it anywhere so I don`t know will I like position of sniper button. IN some reviews it is stated that when you lift the mouse you will accidentally press sniper button.


- When will Corsair release some new mouse?


- Is it possible to shop directly form this page and ship to Europe?

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I can't imaging accidentally pressing the sniper button on the M65. I guess it would depend on how you hold the mouse but I would find it unlikely.


And I'm sure that Corsair is working on new mice (and everything else in their product line) but they don't ever comment on unreleased products that they are developing.


And Corsair.com does ship to Europe, out of the Netherlands, IIRC.

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