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Toggle macro deactivation issue


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Hi, I'm trying to make an autorun macro on my K95 RGB Platinum keyboard using the latest 1.077.123 firmware and iCue 3.5.111.

I'm trying to make a simple autorun toggle. Press G6 once and shift+w is toggled on. Press it again and it turns off.


My issue is that iCUE is having issues registering when I want to toggle it off. Sometimes I have to press the button like 10 times for it to work, other times I'm lucky and it happens on the first press. It's inconsistent in how many times I have to press, I've tried anything from 1 to like 15 tries.

Is this a bug, is there a way to make a working autorun macro, is there a trick?





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I am at work atm but I am pretty sure you are going about it wrong, you want a timer with 2 macro actions probably to release the keys. right now your thing is never releasing the keys as i understand it. I'll elaborate later

Looking forward to hearing your suggestion. I've tried pretty much all options with these single toggle macros.

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Sorry looking at it now, I cant recall what i had tried before, but this seems to work? Although not extensively tested. It seems to toggle off pretty good. Is that what you were looking for?




That indeeds work alot better. Thanks! Toggles off very reliably. Now if I can only get it to work more than 1½ minutes at the time (99999ms)... but guess I just have to add more delays.

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