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Bad Value Select Module/s


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I have an ASUS A78X mother board with a 400 MHz FSB I have two sticks of VS256MB400 DDR Ram installed for almost a year. Everything has been fine until about a month ago when I started experiencing a lot of lock ups and the occasional BSOD which told me I need to check my computer's memory. I did a complete hard drive low level format and WinXP reinstall on more than one occasion thinking it was an OS problem but it started getting worse. I'm running an AMD Athlon 3200+ at the default settings for my board. Anyway all the BIOS setting are set to the board defaults with the CPU frequency set at 200 MHz and the RAM speed at AUTO. This week it had gotten to the point where it wouldn't run for more than a few minutes at a time and I would get BSODs telling me that I need to check the computer memory. Kind of as a last resort following this most recent hard drive format and OS reinstall I decided to try adjusting the CPU/RAM speed down to 166 MHz rather than 200 just to see if I could get it to just run at all. Then it ran fine. Turned it back to 200 MHz and it wouldn't even POST, just a blank screen... I'd reboot and reboot then it would boot and only run for a few minutes then lock up. Turned the speed back down and no problems... I can only guess it is the RAM that is not functioning properly... just can't make 200 MHz anymore. So do you have any suggestions regarding this. I'm guessing one or both DIMMS are bad.
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