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BH-5 dying ?


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ive been having the wierd 'windows has shut down' BSOD for a couple months, so i finally dug out memtest tonight and i have one stick that appears to have cancer :mad:.


anyway, i messed with the bios some and at 2.6v windows wont boot, at 2.7 (what ive always kept it at) i get like a dozen errors before 2% coverage, and at 2.8 ive got 3 errors in 10%.

im gonna keep cranking the voltage, but i really dont think it will last.

the 2nd stick passes through a few 100% coverage without a prob. this is an NF7-S v2, oh, and its the XMS-PC3500C2. i never even got around to trying to oc cuz i have a locked barton.

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