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iCUE multi-monitor full screen issue


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EDIT: Apparently I need to investigate more to figure out if it is really ICue It happened while the service is closed, I will update this thread later when I get time to figure out if it is still due to iCUE or not.


I've now managed to narrow it down to iCUE being the issue.

When running full screen games, and have iCUE running in the background in a multi-monitor setup on random moments at random times my mouse stop being locked to the full screen game and is free floating. Which means I can drag my mouse out of the game and click on a second screen which minimises the game.

This happens frequently in League of Legends, up to 4-5 times during one game. If I close iCUE the problem goes away. I've tested this over several days, because I first suspected other programs, but now I narrowed it down to iCUE. Anyone else experiencing this?


Right now I'm closing the program every time I play league of legends, which means all my fans are running rainbow entire day instead of my favourite color preset.


Version: 3.5.111

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