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is the H150i overkill for i7 8700k?


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Even the single 120mm frame coolers are capable of handling the wattage from a 95 TDP CPU. Start stretching it out on the overclock and the little ones might show some signs of weakness. Regardless of cooler, voltage and CPU material is going to be the limiting factor with core temperature. However, the bigger coolers do offer one meaningful advantage. The more surface area you have, the less fan speed is going to matter. You would need to keep the H80i fans moving at a pretty high rate. H100i v2 - moderate speed. H150i? You can let them sit there are quiet levels and it won't make a bit of difference. With the upgrade in size, you are removing the need to blast fans for CPU cooling purposes. With 120mm fans that usually are still a bit buzzy for me, that difference between a 360 and 240mm is quite welcome.
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