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Corsair Void Pro - Input Monitor stuck at 25%


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Hey guys,


I just got my new Corsair Void Pro and have been tinkering with it and its software and so far one thing annoys me. Before my Void Pro I had a Logitech G430 and it had the option for input monitor enabled by default, which in turn enabled delay-free input-feedback from the mic to the headphones, so that I could hear myself clearly while speaking. The Void doesn't seem to have that or at least not in the same capacity. As I am looking at the sound control panel and under the properties for the Playback Device of the headset I find under levels the setting for the inputmonitor, but unfortunately I can|t raise it past 25%, thus I can only hear my own voice at only about 25% of normal input levels, which is better than nothing, but still not satisfying. I've tried looking into editing the registry keys of the drivers to enable input monitor, but didn't know where to find it in the registry.


Does someone either know how or where to edit the registry keys or know of any other approach on how to fully enable inputmonitor? Help would be greatly appreciated.


I'm using Win 10 64-bit, with an ASUS Mainboard without soundcard, but that shouldn't be of concern as the Void Pro uses it's own external usb soundcard.



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