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Toggle CAPS Lock and NUM Lock color


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I recently purchased a K70 RGB and wanted to configure the CAPS NUM and Scroll lock keys to light up a different color indicating their toggled state. After many attempts with the iCUE software I gave up and decided to write my own utility.


The main issue I was encountering was any iCUE config I came up with would get "out of sync" when the workstation was locked, and I routinely lock my PC.


It's a C++ MFC application using the Corsair SDK. I've published the source and x86/x64 setups to Git. I've tested on Windows 10 x64 without issues. That said I whipped it up in a day or 2 so use at your own risk.


It's only been tested with the K70 RGB but I imagine it should work with most Corsair keyboards.



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This is awesome, and mad props for doing it. But I'm hoping Corsair will get the message that this most basic of keyboard functionality should not require end users trading custom home-built solutions. An enthusiast to pro level keyboard should at minimum have a way to turn this on. And thereafter it should just work without software needing to remain running on the PC.


Anyway, thanks for sharing your code. Very cool.

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