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When I lock my user account, my lighting defaults to rainbow wave which I can't stand. How do I set default lighting profile that the Commander Pro starts with?


I did not have this problem with Link 4, it always started with whatever it was set to. Of course my current lighting profile is temperature based so I understand that it might not be possible to support it while service is not loaded to read the probes, but how do I get rid of rainbow wave?



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Right now, you can't. However, it is something that there has been a great deal of feedback on and it's on the list to be added sometime in the future.


Sweet sounds good. In that case it would be nice to set a default profile that would apply to all users on a system - like when my daughter is gaming I would like to be sure that correct fan profiles are loaded.


Is there anywhere I could see the list of what is to be included to next versions of iCue?


One feature that I loved about Link is the ability to set an image of your case and place sensors around it (a bit of a gimmick but lets you pay more attention to certain problematic parts of the build) - something that iCue dashboard could really make use of!

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