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Found a H55 or H50 at a garage sale for $5


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Of course I bought it...but it is missing some parts I know that 2 of the 4 silver corner offset nuts on the bottom brackets are gone...I was hoping that someone could verify if there is anything else missing so i can buy the appropriate parts ...I will take some pics and post them







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So that is a H55 based off the part number, I'm hesitant to even ask are you going to be using this on a AMD or Intel CPU processor? Depending on what you usve you can purchase the specific mounting hardware kit off the Corsair website.


Though I do warn you to be careful since this is a used unit and you know very little if it is even properly functioning.

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yep!! I feel the same way you do. At first I was excited that I found one so cheap...after research and talking to people much more knowledgeable than me I decided to just spend the extra money and get a new cooler...a few days ago I ordered an i7 8700k and new MOBO. so my next question is what would you recommend to be the good first one for an amateur pc builder. Keep in mind I have never installed a water cooler before..


and try not to break my bank lol

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