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OSD and some questions


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I'm not sure my sig of parts will appear so firstly.

OBsidian 500D

Commander pro

Lighting node

2xHD140 fans (front intake)

2 Corsair fans came with case as push pull on 120 malstrom radiator AIO WC

2 generic 120 fans exhaust top


MSI GTX 1080 gaming X


16gb Ddr3 @1866

Asus M5A97 R2.0

FSP Hydro G 750 Modular gold PSU

4x250gb SDD raid 0

Acer predator XB271HUa





What's OSD for specifically i know what the concept of OSD is, the 4 panels what do they do specifically, How do you configure them?

why can i only use temps for notifications? and why not ability to use notifies on say one of the temp sensors off the commander?

Can we get the ability to store/save a profile, so i can have a backup of it saving me hours of reconfiguring every OS cleanout.


This software and hardware solution for case modding and blinging, is very, very good and i've been around since the 80's in the IT industry, really with sincerity, well done Corsair.

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Specifically i'm intertested in doing this


4 temp sensors, one is situated behind the cpu at rear of motherboard, I'd like to have it notify at a predefined temp of 50 degree's celcius, have an OSD come up warning of possible pump problems, CPU heat issue.


If possible i could call a bat to slow down the system to a safe clock state until i can shut down and investigate whilst it also immediately sends all fans to 100%, until system is shutdown.

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I'm afraid the OSD may not be what you are expecting. It can display profile changes. Fairly limited in application.


You can set up notifications for the temp probes on the Commander Pro. Click the C-Pro device icon from the main page, then select notifications in the left menu. Hit the "+" to add new notification. The four possible options are 100% fan response, RGB lighting change, run a file (presumably your BAT file will work, but I have never tried that type), and shutdown. Not sure which option best fits your needs. With only the front two HD fans, you may not notice the change. A case full of HD set to trigger white at 100% intensity will knock you out of your chair. So perhaps the BAT file or max fans. I am sure you can figure out what's best for you. Multiple responses are permitted. Like the fans on the C-Pro, you create the notification, then apply it to the temp sensor after the fact. That is a bit counter-intuitive until you get used to it.

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