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Corsair Wireless Carbon Void Pro Startup Troubles


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So, Interesting issue i suppose, But 2 weeks after i got this new headset from bestbuy, i've somehow managed to get it to never work on startup. That period after i bought it, it worked fine. But for this week or two after i've had to do this dance of ...

  • Turn on PC
  • Kill ICUE
  • Run ICUE in Admin
  • Update Firmware for headset
  • Abort if stuck at 96%
  • Repeat if stuck, until it works


Do i need to get this replaced?, is there some way to stop this from happening?, i'm at a loss as to what do.

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it will show up as a "Generic Headset" and say it needs to be updated. OR, it could show up as the correct type of headset, have you select the right model EG: Corsair Void Pro Carbon, and still say it needs to be updated.
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