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Corsair 750d Small Crack on Arrival ticket id: 761165

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First Time building a pc, after receiving all my components and putting them together i was about to attach the side panel of my brand new corsair 750d when i noticed a small crack on the edge, i haven't even taken the plastic off the panel, have not dropped the case or panel.


Speaking to the seller they told me to contact corsair directly or they said i would need to send back the whole case for an rma with them, if corsair could send me a replacement of the side panel that would be fantastic i don't want to take apart my pc and risk damaging something else. :mad:


side note: ive uploaded a picture of the side panel with the little crack, and proof of purchase however i can't see those images in the update.


my ticket id is:761165


Please help i am very worried and frustrated.

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