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A sweet Tyan S2676 is killed by Corsair memory.


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A sweet Tyan S2676 is killed by Corsair memory.


I have a S2676 with four CM73DD1024-400 dimms as recommended by corsair. The system ran but started experienced random reboots when I added a top of the line ATIV7100 open GL card. So, ever component of the system was replaced and checked out. Still had issues. Tyan sent new mother board that would not post with 4 dimms. It will post with any combination of 2 dimms. So, Tyan now has my system which apparantly runs fine with their ram. They are doing a stress test this weekend with it.


Has anyone had problems with this CM73DD1024R-400 Infineon ram with this motheroard? I spent $1420.00 for it. What now is the fix and what will Corsair do about this?

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