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Problems Corsair Dark Core rgb


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First of all, I'm sorry for my English.


Hello, I bought the dark core rgb mouse a few days ago and it already came from the factory with the latest firmware version 3.08. I also have updated to the latest version of Icue 3.5.111 software.


I have several problems detected:


1.- It usually happens that more or less after an hour of play, the side keys: sniper, forward, back .., present lag. That is, it takes a second to execute the action after it is pressed. It happens with both the mouse connected by cable and by wireless. For everything to return to normal, I have to close Icue and reopen it. This is very annoying.


2.- No matter how long the mouse is connected by cable, when it is unplugged, the iCue panel shows as maximum load 75%, and not 100% as it should show.


3.- I have the profile by default, as profile "windows" with a solid red theme. When I start my PC and load it, it is always shown with a rainbow color theme, having to go through all the other profiles until it reaches the "windows" profile so that it changes to a solid red color. Changes of buttons and macros do respect them when starting, but not the theme of color.


I like the mouse a lot, and I think that all these things can be solved by software, but I'm not willing to wait forever.

Do you have proof of these errors?


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  • Corsair Employee

Can you try to run a repair on iCUE itself first? Just to see if it is a software issue, Can you also try to try and force a firmware update on the mouse?


If the issue still persist I would suggest to create a support ticket and the technical support team can further assist you.

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I have made a repair of Icue.

Is it necessary to force the firmware update? has the last one

It has happened to me that I remember in Battlefield 1 and Rainbow Six Siegue.


Thanks for the answers, my pc:

- Intel i7 6700k

- 16gb ddr4 ram G.Skill tridentZ

- Motherboard Asus Maximus VIII Hero

- Nvidia Gtx 1050ti

- O.S. Windows 10 64bits 1803 (17134.165) on SSD

- Corsair k70 Lux cherry MX red

- Corsair Dark Core rgb

- Power supply 780W

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