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Scimitar Pro Actions gone after reboot


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not sure if this is an iCUE, mouse or brain issue, but I need to start somewhere.


I have started to use a Scimitar Pro mouse a few weeks ago. Assigned most the keys on the side to be used instead of numpad clicks. Generally this works fine. But when I reboot my system the mouse seems to forget about the settings. They are still there in iCUE. In order to activate them again I need to manually click on each of the 12 in iCUE.


Anything I am missing?




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See here. http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=178798


It starts off on keyboards, but I have seen this come for the Scimitar a few times as well and there are some post intimidating the same toward the end. Can you confirm your key assignments are specifically "macros" as assigned in iCUE? I am trying to differentiate this from basic key-bind behavior (G6=Page Down, etc.).

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Glad I am not the only one, so I can rule out the brain issue. ;)


Only using simple Remap Functions, NumPad 1-9, F1-F3. Latest version of iCUE.


EDIT: Found something in the other thread:


Thanks everyone for reporting this. I will investigate this as I have not heard of anything until now.


Update: Bug confirmed. I will try to fix it for iCUE v3.6.



iCUE v3.6 is currently in testing right now. I hope to release in two weeks but we have some issues with it before I can let you all try it.



Guess that means I need to sit tight and wait. Thanks for pointing me at that post!

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