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Corsair should make an eGPU


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A small form factor system is great with VR now more mainstream, but not everybody has the money to afford a new PC, or (if they bought a laptop 2-3 years ago) needs anything but a new GPU, which is likely incompatible with their system's form factor. However, have they thought about the eGPU market as the next step?


To those unaware, an eGPU is an external enclosure for a graphics card, providing a laptop or other compatible PC portable means to augment their existing graphics. Problem is many of these enclosures take up rediculous amounts of space through their bulky, inelegant design. The only thing that has come close to end this lunacy is BlackMagic's new product, though it is only for MacOS...


For several years, Corsair has sold "Hydro Series GPUs" for desktops, under the NVIDIA GeForce line. Therefore, I think if they launched a Hydro Series eGPU; possibly adapting the Corsair ONE's design template, competitors might wonder why they didn't come up with the idea. Corsair could also offer it with either a 1070, 1080 Ti or Titan X Pascal.

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Laptops from 2-3 years ago wouldn't be able to make good use of an eGPU as their Thunderbolt ports would be running off the chipset, and not the CPU.

Any modern laptop that does have a fast TB3 port, wouldn't really make any use of an eGPU as a GTX 1060/GTX 1070 MaxQ is faster than using an eGPU with say, a GTX 1080Ti.

There's no real point for a watercooled eGPU as it would just be louder at idle due to pump noise, and then louder at load due to the single radiator fan when compared to say, the Gaming Box (which is smaller) which uses a custom super quiet cooler for it's GTX 1080.

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