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Hey guys, hope anyone here is able to help me with my scimitar PRO rbg.


Background; i play this old *** mmorpg and hotkeys is something they don't do well. So instead of it recognizing extra mouse buttons i have to assign spells to function keys F1,F2,F3, etc and then bind the function keys to the sidebuttons which worked great, had no problem what so ever with this set up.


now recently i started a knight character, and those of us playing rpg's know what means; healing, healing alot, like spamming heal all the time...


So after many thumb cramps i had an epiphany , why don't i make it like i'm holding down the key with some sort of macro. now i have 2 setups made for this; solution 1 is the same remap key (F6 in this case) but with added "imitate holding key" action trigger: toggle. solution 2 is macro pressing down the F6, no delays, action trigger toggl, action repeat const., and repeat delay constant @1000ms (cooldown of the spell).


Both solutions work perfectly, the problem starts here. We all know spamming spells takes alot of what is generally this blue/green liquid called mana or essence or focus or whatever, and i need to drink these potions alot so que epiphany 2: just also spam this with the mouse solutions.


Just copy/paste same solutions from the F6 (healing spell) spam to the F7(potion) spam and it works for both, and it does kinda.


The problem however is that i press G5 bonded to the F6 spam and i start spamming the heal spell, so far so good, now i press G8 to also start the F7 spam of potions and it starts spamming the potion but it cancels my F6 spam which i still need.




Kind regards

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