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is there a 3rd party software to replace iCUE


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is there a 3rd party software to replace iCUE. iCUE uses 5-10% cpu constantly. I have tried everything boot, erase, reboot, reinstall, reboot...BLA BL BLA. I must have 20 hours over the last month trying to resolve this.....


not to mention I have disconnected the "Void Pro" and "ST100" and still using 5 to 10% cpu


Any Ideas???

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There is no third party tool that I know of that can manage all the devices like iCUE does. I do find iCUE as the best RGB Tool I have used or seen. There is the old CUE and Link tools. Mine CPU usage goes anywhere between 1-3%. This isn't bad at all. Though I don't think iCUE is the problem of your CPU usage woes.


Looking at your system specs, I think I see the issue. You have a T series CPU. I actually never heard of it, so I was intrigued and looked it up. It is the "green" version of the 6400, which gives up speed/frequency in exchange for lower power consumption.


In a CPU benchmark this how your CPU lines up (higher the better):

6100 = 5,494 (3.7Ghz 2C/4T)

6400T = 5,590 (2.2Ghz 4C/4T) - Your CPU

6300 = 5,853 (3.8Ghz 2C/4T)

6400 = 6,760 (2.7Ghz 4C/4T) - Non T version

3570K = 7,168 (3.4Ghz not OC'ed 4C/4T) - This is my old CPU and it was OC'ed to 4.4.

8600K = 12,818 (3.6Ghz not OC'ed 4C/4T) - This is my new CPU and have it OC'ed to 5Ghz


Source: https://www.cpubenchmark.net/high_end_cpus.html


I am having difficulty coming up with a use case for the T series in a desktop, maybe less heat for the form factor?


The most important question is your CPU holding you back from anything that you are doing? You do have a lot of Corsair items, though based off your PC and using Intel's GPU, I am guessing you are not doing a lot of AAA gaming.


Also is your PC stats correct? From Googling your PC, I find it difficult to imagine you running two LNP and strips on a DELL AIO computer.

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An Arduino can control the LEDs that Corsair use. There are plenty of open source options, and the lighting effects you can achieve will blow iCue out of the water.

It's just a slightly steep learning curve but in line with the added functionality.

Also 0% CPU usage.

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