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Bad module


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I am posting here because the warranty page says I have to. I have a bad module, and would like to return it...for replacement. Help me please, as every day without RAM prevents me from leveling my Dark Elf in Lineage 2!!!! And that is really depressing, as that is all I do anymore... :[pouts:


I bought the machine last July from IBuyPower, who were incredibly unfriendly and not helpful once they had my money. Built the machine with the wrong parts, took three months to replace, and made me pay for shipping both ways...


I am US military, stationed in Belgium, and took my machine to a Belgian technician today, as I could not get it to boot. Machine is Athlon 64 3200, with 1GB Corsair valueram 400 MHZ. (2x512) VS512MB400, Lot 0421003-0. Both modules are identical in all respects, except one works and the other doesn't anymore...


He tested the machine, and determined the problem was one of my two 512 MB memory modules. Machine boots fine now, but I need the other 512 replaced. He removed each, and tested with the other. The good one always worked, the bad one never does anymore...


I'd like an RMA number please!

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