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Alternative to 900D drive cage pins?


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The rubber bung surrounding the drive tray retaining pins have decayed and can no longer hold a hard drive captive. Corsair does not sell the pins and I'm unwilling to shell out $20 plus shipping for a new drive tray.


Anyone else with the same issue? Any suggestions for some kind of replacement for the pin?

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  • Corsair Employee
It's a while since I looked, but aren't there 4 holes in the bottom of the tray (like the one in the picture) that you can use to screw the HDD in place? Failing that, remove the bung and use screws and washers.


There are four holes at the bottom of the tray but they're meant for SSD mount and won't line up with the HDD. Washers and screws would seem like your best bet at this point.

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