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Lighting Node Pro not recognised

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Hey all,


New forum user here so hopefully this is going in the right place, recently built myself a new computer with a large rgb focus, possibly made a mistake here as I'm going to check if I can do something after its built not before ! Anyway here is the setup + problem,


Commander Pro - 2x RGB channels:


1st channel = RGB hub with 6 x LL fans (all working fine)

2nd channel = 4 x Corsair RGB strips (all working fine)


Lighting Node Pro - 2x RGB channels:


1st channel = 4x Corsair RGB strips (lighting up but not detected by ICue)

2nd channel = empty


The lighting Node pro is connected to a USB header on the Commander Pro


So the issue is the 4x RGB strips plugged into Lighting node pro are not recognised thus controllable by ICue, now this may just be how things are, in which case I should have researched beforehand but just want to see if anyone has something similar setup and able to control the lighting node pro from within ICue


Thanks in advance for any help,

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Using USBDeView (https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/usb_devices_view.html) can you check and see if there is a device with a VID of 05E3 and a PID of 0610. This is the Commander Pro hub.


There have been some challenges with USB hubs (in general) and the AMD chipsets. You may want to try disable Fast Boot and making sure that XHCI is enabled in the BIOS as well as disabling Windows Fast Startup.

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Hey DevBiker, thanks for the reply,


So I had already disabled fast boot and enabled XHCI. I had not disabled windows fast startup so this is now done however things are still the same,


On USBDeView I can indeed see a device matching those numbers. On first load of the software it was green, I then heard the usb disconnecting/reconnecting sound and it turned purple and the software crashed.


After multiple restarts it always remains green in USBDeView even when I hear the USB device disconnecting/reconnecting noise,


This noise happens a lot but I have been unable to pinpoint what device it is happening with

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