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K70 rgb lux // k70 rgb mk.2


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Hi all,


I would like to buy a Corsair K70 keyboard with red switches. I found two options that I like, K70 RGB Lux and K70 RGB MK.2 but I dont know which is better.


Can someone explain me what is the difference between this two keyboards please?


Sorry for my english, I'm not native.


Thx u guys!

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The MK.2 is the replacement for the older K70 RGB LUX which replaced the older still K70 RGB. Not a lot of difference in the names - be careful.


The MK.2 adds a lighting zone under the Corsair label (at the top of the keyboard), has 3 on board memory profiles, and a more substantial wrist-rest, like on the K95 Platinum.


Since it has been replaced, you might be able to find the K70 RGB LUX for a reduced price. However, I own that keyboard and the lack of the features that are now in the new model is what lead me to buy a K95 Platinum that also has them. I would opt for the newer MK2 version unless the cost difference is drastic.

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