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High CPU "package" temperature in Corsair LINK (H110i - Ryzen 7 2700X - X470)


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I'm having issues with my Corsair Hydro Series H110i RGB cooler and I have a couple of questions about the installation of my cooler.


I have the following setup:


  • AMD Ryzen 7 2700X
  • Corsair Hydro Series H110i RGB
  • G.SKILL Flare X F4-3200C14D-16GFX
  • Samsung 970 EVO MZ-V7E500BW
  • Fractal Design Define C
  • Seasonic FOCUS Plus Series 550W
  • Windows 10 Pro 64-bit


Further information:


  • I'm using the latest version of Corsair LINK
  • My BIOS is flashed to the latest version
  • Latest AMD chipset drivers
  • Latest AMD graphics drivers
  • Windows 10 is fully up to date
  • The RGB light on the pump is green


In Corsair LINK it shows my CPU "package" temperature is about 40-50 degrees Celsius higher than it actually is (see attachment). I found that other people are reporting this problem as well; going back as far as May. Is this a problem with the Corsair LINK software? If so, when can we expect a solution?


Other questions


  1. Is the pump speed variable? If so, is it determined by the CPU "package" temperature or the temperature of my H110i?
  2. Is the temperature of my H110i the temperature of the cooling liquid?
  3. Same question for the two fans. Are the fan speeds determined by the CPU "package" temperature or the temperature of my H110i?
  4. When selecting the "Balanced" profile my fans go up to 2100 RPM and make a lot of noise. Is this normal or due to the problem with the CPU "package" temperature?
  5. My motherboard has CPU_FAN, CPU_OPT and AIO_PUMP headers. Would it be better to connect both fans to the CPU_FAN and CPU_OPT headers and the pump to the AIO_PUMP header? This is what ASUS suggests in the manual for my motherboard. If I do this the fans will be controlled by ASUS Q-Fan?
  6. Or should I set a max RPM speed for both the fans of 900 or 1000 RPM for the time being until this problem is resolved?


Thank you in advance for your help.


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The issue with the Ryzen 2700 Package temps has been widely reported. It's a known issue.


On your other questions:

1) The pump speed has limited variability based on the profile that you select. Within the profile, it's fixed but you can choose Quiet or Performance.


2) Yes, the temperature of the H110 is the temperature of the coolant.


3) The default is to control the fans by the coolant temperature. You can override this but it's best to use the coolant as the control variable. (See the Cooler FAQ)


4) Should only be related to the coolant temperature. What is your coolant temperature? Also, the stock fans for that cooler are notoriously loud.


5) Nope. You are best having the fans controlled by the cooler so that you can control fan speed based on coolant temperature. The Asus recommendation works fine for AIOs without integrated fan control and temperature sensors. The "AIO Header" is just a standard case fan header with Q-Fan control disabled by default. Nothing magical about it at all, despite what the Asus marketing says.


6) There's a problem with the package temp, yes, but that should affect your control of the fans based on coolant temperature.

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Hello DevBiker,


Thank you for you quick and complete response.


Right now my CPU package temperature is over 80°C and the temperature of my H110i is around 27°C. The package temperature varies heavily. Below you will find two screenshots of the package and H110i temperature.






I happy to read that the fans are controlled by the temperature of the coolant. But I do find it strange that the fans immediately go to 2100 RPM when I select the "Balanced" profile. That fan speed is also listed as the maximum on the specifications page on the Corsair website. You can see it in the screenshot below.




I will keep the current setup then. I carefully followed the instructions from Corsair when installing the Cooler and everything should be setup according to the Corsair manual. Would you recommend I install iCUE software also?


Do you know if and when a fix is coming for the wrong package temperature?

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iCue is completely up to you ... but it's unlikely that you'll see a fix for Link. There will be a fix for the package temp issue in iCue.


That temperature does seem a bit low for the fans to kick into full speed. Typically, I recommend folks use a custom fan curve that balances their temperatures based on environment with their tolerance for noise and performance. Also keep in mind that you'll start seeing diminishing returns as the fans get fast ... the radiator can only shed so much heat, regardless of how fast the fans are going. So you really may not need to let them get to the max speed.

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I've installed iCUE and it seems I can do everything with iCUE that LINK can also. Is iCUE a replacement of LINK?


Also I read some of your Liquid Cooler FAQ. I created a custom curve for the two fans and they seem to work. I wanted to store this profile using the instructions described in A2 but I can't find the "SD card" icon anywhere. Was this feature removed or is it stored automatically?

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iCUE is a merger of the two prior control programs --- CUE for peripherals and Link for internal devices like PSUs, fan controller, fans, etc. Physically, it takes the place of CUE 2 (peripherals) so those two cannot be installed together. You can leave Link installed in case you want to go back.


The H110i is the odd bird (different OEM) and apparently writes the current fan profile to the device automatially - no save to device like the other coolers. On iCUE, you absolutely want to stick with custom fan profiles. The preset curves are too fast for most environments. Exit iCUE and wait a few seconds to see if the H110i fans kick up to make sure.

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Hi c-attack,


Thanks for your reply. I came to a similar conclusion looking at the coolant temperature and the fan speeds. Do you have any recommendations for a custom fan curve? I was thinking maybe keep it real low up until 35°C (maybe 500-700 RPM) and then go up to about 1500 RPM when the temp gets high. That looks similar to when I click on the button for custom fan curve.

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The coolant temp will be the baseline for any CPU temps, so if you run the fans low and the CPU temps are still acceptable, by all means continue. My general recommendation for people is to find your noise limit for the fans - what you can stand for any prolonged period. Set that speed to 1-2C above your normal peak coolant temperature. That should keep you in a comfortable zone 99% of the time. About 3-4C further down the line, give the line a sharp rise to something not comfortable. This becomes a secondary audio warning if things are out of the normal operating zone and something you are more likely to notice before happening to glance at the monitoring apps. What you do below the threshold doesn't make too much difference. At really low speeds (300-500), you probably will see some coolant rise. In the 600-800 range differences are going to be slight. I let mine go to about 750-800 rpm when gaming. That's plenty on an overclocked 8700K, although I more or less used the same zone for my 5930K with a lot more wattage. I don't think you need 1500 for anything, but you should experiment a little and see how things change. Besides CPU cooling, sometimes a top mounted cooler is helpful for assisting in exhaust duties or cooling VRM and DRAM modules.


The one thing to note in all of this is your room temperature has a substantial effect on everything in the case, often more so than other contributing components. My difference between Summer and Winter room temps is a good 10C. There is nothing I could ever do to take 10C out of the case and my Winter peak is pretty much my baseline for Summer. That means I need seasonal curve adjustments and usually save a Winter, Summer, and Spring/Fall set of curves.

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I am currently having this same issue, my ryzen 2600 shows a cpu package of around 77 degrees celsius in corsair link, however in nzxt cam or ryzen master, it shows around 30 degrees, idk if it's a bug or not or if im really getting high temps on my newly installed h115i pro rgb cooler
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That's a shame. I too was having problems with Corsair Link 4. It doesn't read temps correctly on my new Ryzen 7 2700X. So then I heard about this icue software that is the replacement for Link. I downloaded and installed it and I just hated it. I only have the one product H80i GT and Corsair Link worked perfectly for my Ryzen 1600. I found icue to be nothing but a bloated pain in the butt. I had to remove the cooler and buy someone else's product to cool my new processor. Just because Corsair Link no longer worked with my cooler.
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