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problems 7 LL120 fans 2 hubs 1 Node PRO 1 Comander PRO


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I have 6 LL120 fans-RGB connected to 1 HUB, and PWR connected to Comamander pro. 1 LL120 connected to HUB and PWR connected to MOBO. Both hubs connected to commander pro. 4 LED strips going to Node with USB going to Commander PRO. and last but not least 4 temp sensor's coming out of Commander PRO.


I finally got all RGB LED on fans and strips to work correctly and in order (and that took me entirely to long lol.)


So my problem is the first 6 fans- they power on at boot and spin for about 1-2 seconds and then stop. LED's however continue to go. I checked PWR and it seems fine. I must be missing something. Any help is much appreciated.



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sorry just getting back home...straight to sata...before the commander pro I had (2) 3 way splitters from MOBO to the 6 LL120(since my MOBO only has 2 SYS FAN outputs)



I am currently using iCUE software..what should i take a screenshot of?


edit: ok here is some screenshots LMK if there is anything specific you need



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I figured it out ..pretty easy...I must have been tired earlier. LOL


it was under settings on the iCUE software the first 6 fans were in the drop down menu as disconnected I switched them to 4-pin and





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