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Is my H55 missing some parts?


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On saturday I bought a refurbished H55 in a local store.


It came without a manual and the included parts don't fit the manual from the Website.


I'm trying to use the H55 on an AM3+ mainboard.


You can have a look at the supplied parts on the attached photo.





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The manual mentions a backplate and some different screws and some other parts.


I did a Little bit of research in the meantime and I think the right thing to do is the following:

- remove ****ty stock cooler

- remove the existing plastic fasteners that connect to the existing back-plate on the motherboard and screw the double-threaded screws (the ones in the middle) into the back-plate (one side after the other so that the back-plate stays in place)

- connect the pump with the metal ring on the far right and secure it with the plastic rin with the Clips (didn't make it into the picture)

- put everything onto the cpu and secure it with the four thumb nuts

- after that the usual installation of the fan and the heat exchanger


Am I right with my instructions? Can anyone confirm?

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Problem is that I don't really know if I have all the needed parts since I don't have a Manual corresponding to "my parts".


Does anybody have some other Manual for the H55 than the one currently downloadable on the product page?

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