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Set color of Lighting Node Pro devices?


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I currently have the following code:

colors[j].ledId = static_cast<CorsairLedId>(200+j);

which I later use to

if (CorsairSetLedsColorsBufferByDeviceIndex(i, leds, colors)) {
   std::cout << "Should be BLUE rgb(0,0,255)?";
} else {
   const CorsairError error = CorsairGetLastError();
   std::cout << "It didn't work see " << toString(error) << ";";


full code: https://hastebin.com/jazezuvemo.cpp


But it wont work, yes the SDK is fully initialized (hopefully), my guess is the CorsairLedId are wrong? There is little documentation of the ids, im guessing CLD_C1_1 = 200 is the "starting point"? Anyone know the ledIds for the Lighting Node Pro (preferably channel 1)?


Here is my output of the code: https://hastebin.com/olexesoyiz.cs

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