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Vengeance RGB Pro wont link correctly


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I opened a ticket but would like to see what the community thinks. Icue seems to work fine and I can select the memory color in static mode and it works correctly. If I use the Linked effects the memory does not match the color shown in the icue memory representation. My lightning node pro does perfectly but not the vengeance rgb pro memory. For instance the representation in Icue may be showing blue while the memory itself is pink. I can manually select any color I want but the memory wont follow the linked effects. I would think this would be a Corsair problem and not a motherboard compatibility issue as I can select any color manually yet it doesn't display correctly for linked effects.


Any help would be appreciated.

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I have the same problem as you. I asked the corsair for an answer and got the





Hi Intae,


This is something we're currently working on fully fixing, thanks for your patience.





On the other hand I think this may be a conflict with aura sync. So I try to delete aura sync or disconnect ram.


please Let me know if you find another solution. thank you

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