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Obsidian 1000D Front Panel cable. What is this?


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I just go the case yesterday, and built the initial start of my PC into it, and it seems to function mostly perfectly!


I have a second Commander Pro on the way tomorrow, and fans galore so far.


The build is going smoothly, and it's been very fun, however I have 2 issues.


First off, I screen snipped an image from the Pauls Hardware Riptide build video showing a cable hanging from the front panel I/O bundle with 3 pins.

I have no idea what this cable is for, can someone identify and help me figure this out? I don't want stripped functionality with this build.



2nd problem comes with that same front panel, and it may just be my phone, but the USB Type C ports don't seem to be working, despite having one of the cables for it plugged into my Motherboard. Is this a common issue for people?



Higher priority to the hanging cable. I hope I'm not just going to feel very stupid for not knowing what it is, the case didn't come with instructions!


Thanks in advance to everyone who responds!


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From what I have managed to learn so far ( I don't own the case but do like to know the workings of such things)


There is a Sata powered cable in your accessories kit. it plugs in there and makes your Case Lighting light up white with out the need for icue.. as far as I am aware You would disconnect the case Lighting from LED channel one on the supplied 1000D Commander Pro first...

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I have the 1000D and that connector is for an item such as an RGB strip extension as DevBiker has described. If you intend on using only Corsair fans such as the LL120/140 series and want to have lots of Corsair RGB you won't need this at all. If you want an all white LED strip then you can use that.
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Thank you all so much!

I had noticed that the LED Extension cable that was supplied could plug into it, but then couldn't make sense of where it should go from there. I probably should have mentioned that the SATA Power cable that was brought up earlier shares the same male pinout, so it would not have attached without a conversion.



My commander pro should be here within the hour, and I'll have everything lit up. I'll post a shot of the build once it's more complete.


Thanks again!

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