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Change lighting profiles on game start-up with iCUE?


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Hi All,


New Corsair owner (Corsair K95 RGB, Corsair RGB RAM, and Corsair VOID RGB Wireless) and just downloaded iCUE.


I want to be able to automatically load a different profile when I load a game.


Could anyone guide me on how to do this?


My searches on the interwebs hasn't turned up much.



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When you click a profile in the left menu, 3 boxes and a pair of background settings will appear at the bottom of the screen. The top box is "Link profile to program". Click the ... to the right and it will prompt you to navigate to the file location for the game. You need to keep sorting though your folders until you get to the "game name".exe file. That is the trickier part and they are often hidden in BIN folders or any game with a launcher may hide them further. Steam in particular is more difficult Steam/steamapps/common/(game folder)/(game name.exe). Once you select the .exe, the profile will be bound to that .exe and its focus. When the game is in focus or full screen, the profile will be active. It will revert to your default when you click on the desktop.
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