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Corsair Force 3 - cssd-f240gb3-bk cannot find firmware.


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Hello I'm new in the forum. I did register because I have trouble finding the firmware upgrade for my cssd-f240gb3-bk.


I never upgraded so probably i'm still on the first release. I dunno why but I was never been able to perform nearly close to many review i red about this ssd. Of course it was always attached to a SATA3 port but it never exceded the 200Mb/sec in crystal mark.


On main rig I moved to nvme and I would like to reuse this on a laptop but i want to upgrade it to last firmware to have a chance to improve the performance.

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Hello Dr0mBo,


The firmware would be upgraded through our SSD Toolbox. Have you downloaded it? It's linked below if you haven't.





If you are still having performance issues, I'd suggest reaching out to our Technical Support team at support.corsair.com by creating a ticket.

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